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Worth the Weight

Junior weightlifter praises BSU before national competition 

As a senior in high school, Kurt Reyden Osuyos, ’25, suffered a back injury that ended his wrestling career. Instead of letting it bring him down, the student-athlete found a new outlet, weightlifting. 

“Doing physical therapy, I realized I wasn’t going to be able to wrestle anymore, so I started to build my body back up,” Kurt said. “I was doing lifts when I met a power lifter at the gym and stumbled upon the sport.” 

Drawn to the mind-body connection weightlifting requires, once he found his footing, Kurt began to enter competitions.  

Over time he built up a successful reputation and this month Kurt will represent Bridgewater State University at the Collegiate Nationals Olympic Weightlifting meet in Ohio.  

The BSU community is rallying behind Kurt, who is well-known within the fitness scene on campus.  

“He trains here in the Thornburg Fitness Center and has mentored and inspired many other lifters,” said Dan Rezendes, assistant athletic director for recreation and wellness.  

Originally from the Philippines, Kurt moved to the United States when he was 11. His family settled in the Brockton area where he attended high school. 

Raised by a single mom, he admits things were sometimes tight with only one steady income. Which meant when looking at colleges, cost was an important factor. Thankfully BSU was able to offer him financial support and today he is studying aviation management at the school. 

“Bridgewater has been so helpful,” he said, “I was able to secure emergency funding, it truly lifted a burden from our shoulders.” 

The assistance has allowed him to focus on finding success in both school and sports. 

Kurt admits finding the balance between school and working out is sometimes difficult, but it helps that he has supports in place at BSU to help him reach his goals.  

He doesn’t take the help for granted and does his part by consistently making it to class and the gym.  

Throughout his BSU journey, he said he’s grown, not just as an athlete, but student as well.  

“I’ve learned a lot of stuff, things I didn’t even expect. If you’re willing to learn, try to learn as much as you can. Go to your classes, even if you’re tired,” he offered.  

As he prepares to compete on the national stage, Kurt shares this advice with his fellow Bears.  

“Find something you’re passionate about and do the work,” he said. “Progress can feel slow at times, but it’s definitely rewarding. If you put in the work, in anything you do, if you balance your will get rewarded.” 

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